Department of Health Regulations affecting the Agency


New requirements for Home Care Agencies to be licensed with Pennsylvania Dept. of Health by March 2010

This requirement is for all entities that employ Direct Care Workers.  

The regulations stipulate background checks for all direct care workers at the time of application  as well as FBI records checks by the Pa Dept of Aging if not a resident of Pennsylvania for two consecutives years prior to date of application.

They regulations will also allow more “specialized care” for the direct care worker to provide with competency testing, such as glucose monitoring, medication assistance and insulin administration.  The competency testing will be provided to the direct care workers regularly or as needed for such topics as basic infection control, universal precautions, handling of emergencies, bathing, shaving, grooming, meal preparation, and dealing with behaviors, to name a few.

We support our home care agencies in their pursuit of their licenses and will be offering in services on some of the noted topics over the next few months.

The Pike County Area Agency on Aging contracts with the following agencies:

All Aspects - 1-877-832-8961 / 570-832-4887

Allied in Home Services -1-800-242-1883 / 570-348-2200

Beck’N’Call - 570-426-7507

Caregiver America – 1-877-411-6242 / 570-586-6633

Devereux - 1-800-969-4310 / 570-676-3237

Guardian – 570-491-4121

In Home Health - 1-800-373-2900 / 1-973-579-6660

Just Julia - 570-253-1330

Wayne Memorial Home Health - 570-253-8431

These agencies, as you may know, employ people in our community who care for our most vulnerable citizens.  They must have patience, compassion, and basic healthcare skills to keep our consumers safe, nourished, and content.  Their phone numbers are being provided as you may, sometime in the future, require their care.