Make a Difference . . .

 Be an Ombudsman

For more information, call  at 570.775.5550


Ombudsman is a Swedish word which means Citizen Representative.

The Pike County OMBUDSMAN Program is looking for volunteers who enjoy visiting with other, helping find answers, and have one or two hours a week available to join the OMBUDSMAN TEAM.

These OMBUDSMAN are trained advocates for consumers of Long-Term Care Services, who help in the following ways:

  •   Consumer/ Facility Visitation

  •   Consumer Education

  •   Mentor/ Volunteer Team Leader

  •   Are you looking for a way to really MAKE A DIFFERENCE?

  •   Enjoy working with Senior Citizens?

  •   Have some time you want to fill with a worthwhile activity   such as helping ensure the rights of long term care consumers.

Call for more information 570.775.5550.