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The Alzheimer’s Association’s Helpline - available toll-free at 800.272.3900 -

is a service dedicated to offering emotional support and coping strategies, information and community resources.  The Helpline is available to family and professional caregivers around the clock, 365 days a year and has translation services for more than 160 languages.  Calls are answered by staff  and specially trained volunteers.

The Helpline is an especially important resource for family caregivers.  A majority of individuals with Alzheimer’s are cared for at home. In fact in 2017, 15 million caregivers provided an estimated 18.2 billion hours of unpaid care valued at more than $259 billion.  In some cases these individuals are the sole caregivers and have no one to turn to for support. A lack of social support in caring for an individual with dementia can result in increased stress and frustration for caregivers.  The Alzheimer’s Association understands. We encourage caregivers to share their experiences with a Helpline Specialist to help reduce feelings of social isolation, depression, anxiety and interpersonal strain. 


The Helpline is not only for family and professional caregivers but also for those who have a dementia diagnosis or who are simply concerned about themselves or someone they love. Helpline Specialists have a great deal of knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and can talk about coping strategies and community and Chapter resources - in addition to providing emotional support.

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