This service assists individuals who are at RISK because of abuse of any kind.   Emotional, mental or physical neglect, even financial exploitation.


This program requires the agency to address and/or investigate all cases of abuse.


Reporting of abuse is mandatory for employees and administrators in care settings and is voluntary and anonymous for the general public, and the law protects all reporters from retaliation and civil or criminal liability.


The Area Agencies on Aging receive reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are responsible for investigating within 72 hours. 


Any person who believes that an older adult is being abused, neglected, exploited, or abandoned may file a CONFIDENTIAL report at any time with the Pike County Area Agency on Aging or by calling the 24-hour abuse hotline at 1-800-233-8911.


If someone is at imminent risk, please contact your local law enforcement immediately.