we are taking appointments.

IRS-trained Tax Preparer will be at the Blooming Grove Senior Center, and the Matamoras Boro Hall for taxpayer assistance for those with low to moderate income, with special attention to those age 60 or older.  See Newsletter for more information.


Tax preparation is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 


Business preparation is by CEZ form ONLY.


Please note what to bring when you come:


  • A copy of last year's income tax returns.  It is IMPERATIVE.

  • W-2 forms for each employer

  • SSA-1099 form, if paid Social Security

  • All 1099 forms (1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-B, etc)

  • 1099-MISC showing all miscellaneous income

  • 1099-R form if you receive a pension or an annuity

  • All forms indicating federal income tax paid

  • Bank documentation relevant to mortgage debt forgiveness

  • Dependent care provider information (name, employer ID/Social Security numbers)

  • All receipts or canceled checks if itemizing deductions

  • Social Security cards or other documentation for yourself & all dependents

  • All paid property tax bills


Tax Documents to bring regarding your health insurance:


  • Health insurance coverage for you, your spouse & dependents

  • If you do not have a full coverage, bring information on monthly coverage

  • If you purchased health insurance through the Healthcare Marketplace, you must bring Form 1095

  • Bring any healthcare exemptions received from the IRS or the Healthcare Marketplace


Tax preparation is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 


Upon completion of tax preparation, you will receive a copy of your taxes.

DO NOT LOSE THEM. They do not keep any records.


During bad weather, if the schools are closed, tax appointments are automatically canceled, call to reschedule.  If there is a two-hour delay, tax preparation appointments begin at noon. All a.m. schedules are automatically canceled.



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